Campus Directory

The Western Washington University Campus Directory is printed and distributed once a year during fall quarter.

Included in the directory are campus mail stops, emergency numbers, the current academic year calendar, building abbreviations, telephone dialing instructions, a Quick Index, campus fax numbers, the All-University department listing, Associated Students and Viking Union contact information, the faculty roster, the faculty/staff directory and the student directory.

Directories are distributed to each faculty/staff member through Campus Mail. Additional copies of the directory can be obtained at the ATUS Help Desk in HH.

Updates to faculty-staff individual listings must be made in the Banner system through Human Resources. Please contact Human Resources for instructions in making changes to faculty/staff roster listings, x3774.

Changes to the All-University department listing are made through an online program accessed by designated approvers for each department. Please contact the designated approver for your department to make changes to department listings. The All-University online program is also linked to the WWU online web page directory. Changes made in the program immediately update the online directory. Updates to all other directory sections can be made by contacting Kathy Tadlock, x3545.


Kathy Tadlock, x3545, Wilson Library 564, MS 9127,