Borrowing Portable Equipment

To arrange for use of classroom media equipment, call 650-3300 or stop by our Equipment Loan Desk in Haggard Hall 114. You can pick up equipment you have reserved and request training on equipment use, classroom orientation or assistance. We will assist you in determining the most convenient way to obtain equipment on the day you need it. At time of checkout, be sure to bring your Western Card.

Plan on 10 - 15 minutes to checkout equipment, and to return equipment. When you return equipment ATUS does not provide "drop-off," service; equipment is officially checked in after it is examined and we have confirmed all parts and pieces are in the bag.

Be prepared to transport equipment by walking to and from our office, as there is now just one 20-minute load/unload parking place near our office, between Haggard and College Hall. The space is not exclusive to ATUS patrons; it is available to whomever gets there first.

Our goal is to make equipment available to as many people as possible throughout each day. You can assist by picking up and returning equipment on time, and by contacting us in advance if you will be canceling your reservation.

Delivery & Setup

Hopefully, your technology needs have been met by being placed in classrooms equipped at the level you requested through the Registrar's Classroom Scheduling system. However, if equipment is not close at hand, you can reserve portable equipment from ATUS Classroom Services by giving us a call at 650.3300.

Self-Service Media Closets

To make portable equipment easily accessible, we store some TV/VCR carts, slide projectors, extra bulbs, marker pens, and PRS transmitters in Media Closets in most academic buildings.

You will need a media key in order to access and return the equipment. At Communications Facility, you will need prox card authorization. Please call 650-3300 to reserve closet equipment and obtain your media key or to request prox card access.

Media closet locations

Equipment Loan List

Digital Audio Recording and Playback Devices

  • Digital audio recorder - Marantz
  • Digital audio recorder - hand held
  • USB Microphone
  • USB Pre-Amp Mixer
  • USB Transcriber pedal

Microphones, Amps, Speakers

  • Microphone - handheld or lavalier
  • Microphone - shotgun with boom available
  • Wireless microphone - handheld or lavalier
  • Microphone - conference/tabletop
  • Microphone - usb
  • Mixers
  • PA w/ speaker
  • PA w/ speaker & wireless microphones
  • Conference telephone

Disability Accommodation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Personal FM listening system

Analog Audio Recording and Playback Equipment

  • Audio hand-held cassette recorder with built-in microphone
  • Audio cassette recorder - Marantz
  • Audio cassette transcriber, standard or mini
  • Boom box - dual cassette
  • Boom box - CD/cassette
  • Record player


Projection Equipment

  • LCD projector
  • Overhead projector
  •  35 mm slide projector
  •  Wireless remote control for slide projector
  • Screens, tabletop screens
  • Slide viewer
  • Opaque projector
  • 16mm or 8mm film projector

Computers & Accessories

  • Laptop computer, Windows or Mac
  • Flash card reader
  • PowerPoint clicker
  • CD burner
  • Remote mouse
  • USB microphone
  • USB transcriber pedal

Camcorders & Still Cameras

  • Mini DV camcorder
  • Microphone for digital camcorder
  • Video Storage Drive
  • Light Kits, reflectors, gels
  • Tripod
  • GorillaPod
  • SLR digtial camera
  • Digital "point and shoot" camera

Video Recording and Playback Devices

  • TV/VCR
  • DVD/VHS player
  • DVD Direct recorder
  • DVD recorder
  • Document camera

Equipment Loan Policies


Please review the Equipment Rental Fees page for a detailed list of fees for self-sustaining programs and the public, including listings for labor, and for classroom and computer lab rentals.