Classroom Response System

Update September 2013

Western is currently supporting the Turning Point brand of Classroom response systems. ATUS classroom services has a collection of clickers available for smaller classes or first time users. If you would like to reserve these for your class please contact Gary Malick

If you are an experienced user or have a larger class we reccomend contacting the WWU bookstore text book department

The classroom computer where you will be using these clickers will need to have a receiver installed in order for the the clickers to operate with the software. Please contact Gary Malick

The Classroom Response System allows for student responses to be instantly tabulated and displayed back to the class in graphical form via computer software and projection. The aim is to significantly increase the ability of individual students to both interact with the instructor and other students and to actively and/or anonymously answer questions, indicate opinions, vote on options, or take self-paced quizzes.

See the on-line video module produced by WWU's Center for Instructional Innovation, "Using Clickers in the College Classroom."