Recommend a Western Reads Book
Do you know of a great book that could create community and conversation on campus through the Western Reads program? If so, the Western Reads Book Selection Committee invites you to submit your idea for the next Western Reads book.
Criteria for Book Selection
  • Intellectually stimulating; raises multi-disciplinary issues through a variety of perspectives and forms of inquiry provided by the disciplines and the diverse students, faculty, staff, and administrators that make up the Western experience; encourages students to think outside the box or to think about issues they might not have considered before.
  • Enjoyable, engaging, and reasonable in length.
  • Reading that will provoke discussion, take risks, and matter.
  • Reading that addresses a theme or topic that is applicable to a wide range of students.
  • Likelihood that students will not have read the book in high school.
  • Conventional books welcomed but also books that are inventive in form, genre, and/or layout or that represent experimental work or material innovation.
  • Relevance to the first-year and transitions students, the institutional mission, campus initiatives, the local community, and/or contemporary culture.
  • Possibilities for additional programming, such as an author visit, guest speakers, faculty and community member panels, etc.

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2. Recommended by:
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3. Department, College, or Division (if applicable):
4. E-mail:
5. Title of Book:
6. Author of Book:
7. Date of Publication (if known):
8. Publisher:
9. Number of Pages:
10. Themes/Main Topics:
11. Please include the theme/topic that is addressed by the book. If it's helpful, you may also review the broader goals of the Western Reads Program as detailed below.
12. Concerns or limitations of the book:
13. Do we have permission to share your name and/or comments with the Book Selection Committee and other offices on campus?

Thank you for your interest in the Western Reads Program! Please note that the Book Selection Committee will be apprised of all of the suggestions, but is under no obligation to select a recommended book.

About Western Reads
Western Reads is a campus-wide reading program that introduces new students to the intellectual communities and conversations of the University, including the variety of perspectives and forms of inquiry provided by the disciplines and diverse students, faculty, and staff that make up the Western Experience. Copies of the book are provided for first year students, and yearlong programming provides a range of activities and events, including an author visit, in-class book discussions, interdisciplinary faculty and community member-based panels, contests and fan events, and guest speakers. The program serves Western's mission of promoting "Engaged Excellence" by bringing together teaching, scholarship, and community service in a liberal arts, student-centered context.
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