Outlook Profile Setup Instructions

  1. Click Start and then Control Panel. If you do not see Control Panel on the Start menu, type Control Panel into the search bar.
  2. Open the Mail icon. You may need to change the View to Large icons if you see categories only.
  3. Click the Show Profiles... button
  4. Select the existing profile and click the Properties button.
  5. Click the Data Files button to see if any .PST Archive files are connected. You will always see an offline folder cache file with a .OST extension. That file is not important... only Personal Folder FIles (.PST) are important. If one exists, note the location so you can add it back later (although Outlook may find it automatically).
  6. Close the Account Settings windows and the Mail Setup window so you are back in the Mail Profiles window.
  7. Click the Add... button
  8. Enter a new Profile Name and click the OK button
  9. If you are logged into a university computer, it should detect and configure your Email account automatically. Click Next to continue.
  10. Click Finish after Outlook configures.
  11. Click the pull-down menu option for Always use this profile and select the new profile you created. You can also select the option to have Outlook prompt you to select the profile to use each time you launch the application.
  12. If you found a Personal Folder (.PST) file on the old profile, you can add it back by selecting the new profile and clicking the Properties button and then the "Data Files button.