Outlook Profile Setup Instructions

If you are logged into Windows using your WWU universal account, when you open Outlook, it will try to Autodiscover your mailbox. Simply open Outlook and select Next when prompted.

If Autodiscover fails to find your mailbox, follow these steps. Note: The images may look different depending on your version of Outlook and Windows.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mail.

This should open up the window shown:
"screenshot of Mail Setup"

2. Click on Show Profiles.
"Screenshop of Show Profiles"

3. Click on Add. This will start the process of adding a new profile.

4. Type in a name for the new profile and click OK.
"screenshot of New Profile"

6. Select Add a new e-mail account and click Next.

7. Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click Next.

8. Enter for the Microsoft Exchange Server, then enter the mailbox name (your user name) and click on Check Name. A window may pop up; if it does, enter "wwu\yourusername" and your password, and click OK.

9. The Exchange Server and User Name are then verified and should be underlined. Click Next.

10. Click Finish.

11. Click OK.

The new profile should now be setup properly and be useable by opening Outlook.