Universal and Guest Accounts

Existing Accounts – Change Password

To reset your Universal Username password, to change your Banner password, or to change your Web4U PIN, go to the WWU Passwords page.

New Student Accounts

All students receive an Universal Account. This account will be used for accessing:

You can activate your Universal Account at Universal Account Activation

Note: Students are required to read their MyWestern e–mail messages regularly because official university correspondence will be delivered to their MyWestern mailboxes.

New Faculty/Staff Accounts

If you are a new employee and need computer accounts, please Activate Your Universal Account. Faculty and staff receive a universal account that provides the same access as the student account listed above, and may also include access to additional resources like a shared network folder for their department.

If you are a new employee experiencing problems activating (and have submitted all your paperwork into Human Resources),

or you are a current employee needing additional accounts,

or you are a student employee needing accounts for employment,

.... then please fill out the Computer Account Request form.

Account Deletion

Per Washington State law, computer accounts can only by made available to current students, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty.

Guest Accounts

Current faculty and staff can now sponsor guest accounts (with distinct usernames and passwords) for off-campus visitors that require network access. You will be prompted for your Universal username and password in order to verify your sponsorship information as the first step in creating a guest account.

These guest accounts provide both wired and wireless access. The checkout period is up until midnight of the day the account is created.

Reminder: Western computer accounts are university resources and are only to be used for valid academic and administrative purposes.