Microsoft Lync Messaging

Microsoft Lync allows people to connect in the following ways:

IM and Presence

Chat with other Western employees using Instant Messaging. You control your status to show other Lync users when you are available and when you do not wish to be disturbed. Lync integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so it automatically sets your status to "busy" when you have an appointment on your calendar.

Video Conferencing

Talk face-to-face using a camera, speakers, and microphone.

Lync Meetings

Meetings allow multiple attendees to chat using IM or audio/video, and share screens.


Western is preparing to replace the existing telephone system with Voice Over IP telephony, which uses the campus data network to transmit audio and video. The Lync client will integrate with your new phone, and in some cases will make a desktop phone optional.

Lync Apps

The free Lync App for Windows 8 devices, iOS, and Android allows you to communicate using Lync from your Smartphone or tablet.

How do you get Lync?

The Lync desktop application is included with Microsoft Office 2013. There is also a standalone client for Mac OS-X. Email or call x3333 to request a Lync installation.

The Lync mobile app is available from the app stores for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android.

Helpful links for getting started: