d Mac Network Connect

Connecting to WWU Drives with Mac OSX (On Campus)

If you are trying to access these drives from off-campus, you will need to install and run the Cisco VPN client first.

Automated Mapping

You can automatically map network drives using the scripts below.

  1. Facshare (P:) Drive
  2. Software (X:) Drive
  3. Shared (S:) Drive
  4. User (U:) Drive
  5. Set Finder to show your connected drives on your desktop by going to Finder --> Preferences --> General Tab and selecting "Connected Servers."

Manual Mapping

  1. Select Go > Connect to server
  2. Enter the following for the Server Address:
    • U (Home) for students: smb://msfs-student.univ.dir.wwu.edu/stu/username
    • U (Home) for staff & faculty: smb://msfs-facstaff.univ.dir.wwu.edu/user/username
    • P (Facshare): smb://msfs-share.univ.dir.wwu.edu/facshare
    • S (Class): smb://msfs-class1.univ.dir.wwu.edu/class1
    • X (Software): smb://msfs-util.cts.wwu.edu/software
    • V (CampusWeb): smb://msfs-campusweb.univ.dir.wwu.edu:139/www.wwu.edu

If you have any questions, please contact the ATUS Help Desk at 360.650.3333 or helpdesk@wwu.edu.