Frequently Asked Questions on the Student Email System

Updated December 21, 2012

What is my new email address?

How do I access my new email if I haven't used it yet?

Students just need to launch myWestern,  click the Student Email icon, select the “WWU Student Mail” link, and follow the instructions to activate their new email accounts.

Can I redirect/forward my student email to another email account (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)?

Yes.  You can redirect your email to any address you choose.  Currently you need to use Internet Explorer to set up the rule. Be reminded that you are responsible that incoming mail forwards properly. All official WWU messages will be addressed to your WWU email address. Additional inbox rules can be found at Microsoft's site.

How much space do I get?

Ten (10) gigabytes. Depending on how you use your email, that?s approximately a million messages. There is a send\receive limit at 9.67 GB, meaning if you reach that capacity you will no longer be able to send or recieve message sin your inbox.

How does SPAM filtering work?

Spam filtering will place likely junk messages in the Junk folder of your account. From there you can add false-positives to your safe-senders list. Likewise, you can add junk message senders and junk message domains to your blocked-senders list if unwanted messages land in your Inbox. Remember, it is your responsibility to regularly monitor your Junk folder to make sure good messages are not sitting in there without being read. Messages in the Junk folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days unless you move them out of the Junk folder. All emails sent from addresses are ‘exempt’ from ending up in your Junk folder.

Can I use other email programs or web browsers other than Internet Explorer?

Yes. Both Safari and Firefox are also supported web browsers, although they will only display the "light" version of OWA. In addition to web-based access, you are able to access your account with mail clients such as, Microsoft Outlook or Entourage (if you have your own license); or from IMAP/POP clients such as Thunderbird or Mac Mail ? even some mobile phones.

I heard that you can't use this email if you have Hotmail!

False! In Internet Explorer, you can have multiple Windows Live! accounts (e.g.,, Hotmail, Live, etc.) open at once, as long as each are in a different browser instance (not tabs).
Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo, and other web-based email clients use a "session cookie" to maintain your login state. This means that you cannot log into more than one account on their system using the same browser instance.
Internet Explorer maintains different session cookies for each instance of the brower that is open. Unfortunatly, Firefox and Safari do not support this feature, as these browsers do not maintain separate session cookies for each browser instance open.
Alternately, you can simply click "Sign out" or "Log Off" and then log into your other Windows Live! account.

Is my data private?

Yes. WWU creates your account on the new system via secure, encrypted mechanisms. One of the important factors in choosing this email provider was the lack of advertising. Further information on your privacy can be found here:

Microsoft says I am not old enough to use the email!

Microsoft has an age requirement of 13 or older to use the Windows Live! system. Chances are that you entered an incorrect date for your birthday during activation. Please click here to get details on how to correct this issue.

Help! I am getting an error about SSO when I go to my student email!

SSO stands for Single Sign On. It is a service that we use with Microsoft to pass your myWestern login to your student email account on their server. At times, this process may fail. You can access your new student email account directly at Also you can try clearing out your browser cache (cookies, histroy, etc.), and restart the browser.

Do you have a question that this FAQ does not cover? Please feel free to contact us at or 360-650-3333, or come into our offices in Haggard Hall 123 or Academic West 310.