Office 365 for Students - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March 31, 2014

What is my email address?

How do I access my student email and Office Web apps from my mobile device or smartphone?

See Microsoft's Get started with Office 365 page.

Where do I save files like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets?

You will soon have access to SkyDrive Pro through your Office 365 account. This will allow you to create new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations via the Office Web Apps, upload existing files, and share files with others (even those who do not have Office 365 accounts). For more information, see Microsoft's Get started with Office 365 page.

How much storage do I get?

SkyDrive Pro provides you with 25 GB of storage in the Cloud. You also get 50 GB of storage for your Outlook Email.

I see a link to the Office store. Do I need to purchase or subscribe to anything?

You do not need to purchase anything or set up a subscription. Your student Office 365 account includes the following features you may see avertised through the Office Store:

I can't login with the Office 365 for iPad apps

Students are not able to login to Office 365 from these apps, as well as many other mobile apps, at this time.We are working with Microsoft to find out if this is a licensing issue or a technical one.

My "Send" button is missing!

This issue affects the Firefox browser only. Microsoft is aware of the problem and they suggest the following workarounds until it is resolved:

  1. Go to the zoom level in the browser and zoom out
  2. Send emails from Office 365 in Liight Mode using the following link

When I try to login to my student email, I get the following error message:

"You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with Please click here to sign out of your Office 365 account, then use another Microsoft account to sign in to (for example, your,, or account)."

First make sure you are not using an old bookmark that takes you directly to your email. You will need to create a new bookmark to login directly to your Office365 account.If you are not using a bookmark, make sure that you are signed out from any Microsoft browser-based services. Then try simply closing your web browser and restarting it (make sure you close all tabs and windows). If that does not work, try a different Web browser or try clearing the cache from your browser. Follow this link for instructions. If you do use more than one Microsoft account, it might be a good idea to access them simultaneously from different browsers (Chrome and Internet Explorer or Safari, for example).

Do you have a question that this FAQ does not cover? Please feel free to contact us at or 360-650-3333, or come into our offices in Haggard Hall 123 or Academic West 310.