Updated: 4/25/2014

Microsoft Office 365 for Western Faculty & Staff Migration Status

Information Technology services is in the process of migrating faculty and staff Outlook email accounts to Office 365. Some staff have already been migrated to help us test and document the experience.

Read about what you can do to prepare for a smooth migration

You will be notified before your account is migrated. Once your account has been migrated, the following information will help you quickly reconnect all of your devices. Additional documentation and links to training materials can be found on our main Office 365 page.

NOTE: Your email address is still, but Office 365 will prompt you to login using your User Principal Name (UPN): Think of the UPN as your Office 365 username. Depending on the application or device you are connecting, you may be prompted to enter your email address, username (UPN), or both. Your password is your Western universal password. Whenever you change your universal password your Office 365 account will be automatically updated with that new password.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook client users will be prompted to restart Outlook after their mailbox has been migrated. Click the link below for information on what to expect, and how to set up an Outlook client you have not used before.

Mobile Devices

If you have a mobile device connected to your Exchange account, you will need to reconfigure it to connect to Office 365 after your account has been migrated.

Mobile devices that connect to Office 365 accounts are required to have a passcode (PIN or password) to lock the screen. If a passcode is not already set, or if it is considered too weak, one will need to be (re)created. The minimum requirement is a 4-digit numeric passcode, but you can also use a longer alphanumeric password if your device supports it. This will be for your device itself and is not connected in any way to your Universal Login or Office 365 account.

Using a Web Browser

Office 365 works with most recent browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more. Access your mailbox, OneDrive, and Sites:

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business gives you 25 GB of online storage for files that include documents, photos, and video. You can also create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and OneNote notebooks online using the Microsoft Office Web Apps. You will be able to access these files from anywhere, and share them with others. You can even share files with people who do not have Office 365 accounts. Read about Your Western OneDrive for Business.

Lync Voice Mail

If you have not been migrated to a Lync telephone, migrating to Office 365 will not impact your voice mail service. Lync telephony users will now receive voice mail in the Outlook Inbox, but it may not be obvious how you change your greeting. Click the FILE menu in Outlook and then click Manage Voice Mail. This will open your Web browser and take you to your phone options in your Office 365 account. Scroll down past the call answering rules to manage your greetings, change your voice mail PIN, and to choose a destination Outlook folder for your voice mail.This is where you will select a special greeting to play when you are out of the office.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Check Office 365 Issues and Workarounds for information on common issues people encounter using Office 365 services.