Phishing can steal your identity!

"Phishing" scams are the use of fraudulent emails or other solicitations to lure users into sharing personal information that can be used for identity theft or other illegal activities. These messages often ask users to enter their sensitive information at a fake website that purports to belong to a legitimate organization.

Remember: No legitimate business (WWU, banks, eBay, etc.) will ever contact you and require that you share your personal information (bank numbers/PIN, security questions, passwords, etc.)

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of an email or instant message, please contact the ATUS Help Desk or your technical support staff.

Don't get hooked like a phish! Don't respond to these emails! Delete them!

The following is a recent example of a phishing message that has been sent to Western employees. When these messages are sent by a compromised account, you may feel that they are safe since they were sent by a coworker or even a supervisor. However when you move your mouse pointer over the hyperlink in the message (do NOT click the link... just move the pointer over it), you will see that it will take you to a website that does not match the sender.