Accessing WWU drives remotely using WebDAV

WebDAV has been disabled for the foreseeable future. Click here for information on accessing network drives from off-campus using Western's VPN service.

If you are on-campus (or using VPN from off-campus), and you previously used WebDAV to map network drives on Mac OS-X, you will need to map your drives using SMB shares:

  1. Select Go > Connect to server
  2. Enter the following for the Server Address:
    • U (Home): smb:// where X= the server you are on, username= your username (Check with the ATUS Help Desk to get your server name)
    • P (Facshare): smb://
    • S (Class): smb://
    • X (Software): smb://
    • V (CampusWeb): smb://

For Windows, you can map your network drives by creating shortcuts on your desktop to these locations:

Facshare (P): \\msfs-facshare\facshare
Class (S): \\msfs-class1\class1
Home (U): Check with the ATUS Help Desk
Software (X): \\msfs-util\software
Campusweb: \\msfs-campusweb\

If you have any questions, please contact the ATUS Help Desk at 360.650.3333 or