WWUwireless-Secure Network Setup Instructions

These are instructions for connecting a personally owned Windows 7 laptop to the WWUwireless-Secure network. University-owned laptops that have been joined to the WWU domain should use these instructions.

Install the acs52-1 certificate. If using Internet Explorer, click on this certificate file

(If using Chrome or Firefox, right click on the certificate link and "Save link as..." to your desktop. then double click the cert file and follow the instructions below)


Select "Install Certificate..."

Import wizard

Click "Next"

Make sure and put this Certificate in the "Trusted Root certificate Authorities" directory. You can do this by clicking "Browse..." and selecting the correct store.

Cert Store

Click "Next >"

Double Check your work before you click "Finish"

Cert Store

Once you click finish you should see this window:

Cert Store

You will now need to create a new wireless network connection/profile:

Click on the Network icon on the bottom right side of the task bar (next to the clock) and connect to WWUwireless-Secure. Make sure the box is checked to connect automatically.

Choose Network

The following security alert may appear twice before you finally connect. Each time you see this alert, click CONNECT:

Security Alert

When prompted for Network Authentication, enter your universal username and password.

Network Authentication

You may be prompted to authenticate more than once, and then you should see the wireless network status icon change to incdicate you are connected. If you are not able to access the Internet, call or stop by the Help Desk.