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Welcome to Western Washington University! Academic Technology and User Services is dedicated to supporting the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning and ensuring that appropriate campus technology is available and easy to use. We take pride in our customer-service orientation and the wide array of technologies that we support. We believe the following information is most relevant for new faculty members.

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Computer Accounts

Your computer account gives you access to many campus resources such as email, wired and wireless networks, file storage, Blackboard, and personal web hosting. Before using these resources you will need to activate your account.

Desktop Support

Most faculty receive assistance with their WWU-issued desktop or laptop computer centrally while some colleges have their own support team. In either case, you may begin any call or question about your computer by contacting the Help Desk at 360-650-3333. Questions concerning the acquisition of software can be directed to our Software Services office at 360-650-3159.

Classroom Technologies

Most general university classrooms have available a robust set of technologies. You may choose to receive orientation on these technologies either online or in-person by contacting Classroom Services. Newer classroom technologies include "clickers" (also referred to as our Classroom Response System) and Lecture Capture (supported by Camtasia Relay).

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A total of 19 general university computer labs are available to students and faculty. If you wish to reserve a lab for your instruction, please submit a lab reservation request.


You may post content, receive assignments, give tests, post grades, and otherwise communicate with your students online using our Blackboard course management system. Each term please submit a course request form for each CRN class for which you need a blackboard course. Orientation and advanced training is available online and in-person. Please contact our Web Services office for any technical assistance. Or, contact our Instructional Design services for advanced training and consultation.

Student Technology Center

Our Student Technology Center offers training and tutoring in addition to providing scanning, color and large-format printing, as well as video editing technologies. Our daily workshops cover a broad range software applications including Office and multimedia applications such as Photoshop and Premiere. Both students and faculty are welcome to attend. Faculty may also request customized workshops to meet the needs of their students. Please see the Faculty Request Form to request special services or contact the Tech Center for more information.

Instructional Development

We provide development support for your instructional and research materials. Video Services can help you with video teleconferencing, video streaming, podcasting, video production and other video and audio technologies. Web Services can assist with the development of instructional or research-oriented web sites. All of these services are assisted by our Instructional Design services to ensure that your materials meet your educational goals. You may contact us at any time for a consultation.

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Several ATUS offices offer one-on-one or hands-on training and orientations. You may register online for upcoming ATUS workshops specific to BlackBoard and clickers or upcoming Student Tech Center workshops focused on software applications. Expect to see frequent listings for clickers, Blackboard, and Office. For more personal assistance, please contact our Instructional Designer.

Contacting ATUS

If you have any questions or have encountered any technical issues, you are encouraged to begin any service call by contacting our Help Desk at or 360-650-3333. You are also welcome to contact our Director, Frank Roberts anytime at 360-650-3361.

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