College Website Design Survey now Available

New work from the Homepage Team

The group that brought you the new Western Homepage last year is now working on a design for a Drupal site that can support the needs of colleges and academic departments. We would appreciate feedback on the designs we have developed. We have two surveys and we ask that you do either one.

If you want to know more about the College Website Design Survey, please continue reading, or hop to the end of the page to see the URLs for taking the survey. We will only be keeping this survey open for a week or so, then make modifications to the designs and re-present the survey to the wider university audience this fall.

College Design Survey

We have now developed four candidate college designs. Each designer developed one design, then adapted it for 3 colleges to prove that the look could be tailored to different groups. In addition each designer developed 3 pages for each college – a college homepage, a department homepage and a detail page.  After we worked out the problems with these we then asked them to modify their design one more time for a fictional college for the purpose of this survey.

How the Test is constructed

The two surveys are the same, you may take either one, not both. Questions 1 through 6 deal with a specific design (randomly assigned) and then questions 7-12 invite the user to compare elements from all four designs. This will give us direct results on each of the four designs, and comparative data on all the designs together.

Take the Survey by Aug 10

These are the links to the survey, please try to complete by Aug 10. Note that the first survey is closed now due to having our limit of responses.

More Information

Learn More about Western Web Edit, a content managment system for maintaining interactive websites.

Please email Marie Raney to find out more about this project.