Contribute Instructions Step 1: Connect to your site

Select the Create New: Website Connection link on the Contribute Home page as seen at left, or select Edit, My Connections from the menu as seen at right:

Select Edit, My Connections
"Select Create Connection"

At the Connection Wizard page, select Next>

When asked What do you want to connect to fill in these fields, using your own sharename instead of "president" in the image below:

Select Website and fill in your url

You will connect with Local/Network and the network path will be:

\\msfs-campusweb\\sharename\prod as shown in the image below:


Next you will fill in your name and email address.

Next you will be asked about your role. Most people have Publisher role, but if you know that your'e just editing and someone else approves and publishes, choose Writer.

Finally you will be asked for your name and email address, then you're done! The index page of your site will appear and you're ready for the next step.