Creating Web Images Using Fireworks

This tutorial will help you use Fireworks to edit original photos for Web use. Please remember to save a copy of your original image before making the modifications described below.

Cropping an image

If Marquee tool iconyou only want to use a certain area within an image, you will need to crop the desired area. Click on the Marquee tool icon, then drag a rectangle around the area that you want to crop (this is done by holding down the left mouse button). Then click on Edit > Crop Document.

Setting the size and resolution

Images saved on the Web should not have a resolution greater than 72 DPI (DPI = Dots per Inch), and should be no wider than 500 pixels to fit in the WWU template. Select Modify > Canvas > Image Size

After clicking on OK, you should notice your image shrink in size.


Changing the contrast and lightness

If an image seems too light or dark, or if the colors seem unnatural, you may need to adjust the contrast and lightness settings.
To do this from Fireworks, first click on your image, the go to Filters > Adjust Color > Brightness/Contrast.

Sharpening an image

If an image seems too blurry, you may be able to fix its appearance by sharpening it. Click on your image, and then click on Commands > Batch Commands > Sharpen Selection. You may repeat this several times until the image is to your satisfaction. Please note that using the sharpen command too many times can make your image look worse that it would by being a little blurry; use your own judgment on how much sharpening an image needs.

Saving an image for the Web

Once you are satisfied with all the changes made to your image, you will need to save it as a Web-compatible format. Click on File > Image Preview.

Image Preview window