WWU provides web site space for every faculty, staff or student on campus. Access to these files is controlled by logging in with your username, so no one else can modify your work. Students have up to 500 MB (megabytes) of storage, and faculty and staff have up to 1 GB (gigabyte) of storage available.

Getting Access to Edit your website

Your U drive is where your private files are stored. Within this drive you can create a folder called myweb. Anything within this folder can be viewed on the web. To access this area, see the instructions for WebDav access to your U drive. WebDav can be used on or off camus to access your files.

Note that if you choose to work directly in your myweb folder by simply editing and saving the files to the appropriate folder on your U: Drive this means that files are permanently edited and there will be no way to retrieve them should something happen. We recommend that you make your own backup copies of your websites and work in temporary files on your own hard drive, uploading to the U drive when ready.

Viewing your site on the web


Can't see your site or just see a list of files?

You probably have forgotten to provide a guard file or home page. Make sure you have a folder in the main U drive named myweb, then in the myweb folder name your main page index.html and the server will automatically display that page as the home page.

Help with your website

If you're not sure how to start creating a website, here are some helpful resources.