User Testing 5/27

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We showed seven designs on May 27. See our Gallery of pictures!

Again we were pleased that all designs were very well-received. The comments about the whole set included "all are really good", "new and hip looking" , "professional and clean looking".

There were three favorites that received the largest number of comments and the most favorable comments about particular features. These were 2, 3, and 6 shown below. Or see all designs (pdf)

Design 2

Pros: contemporary feel; easy to navigate; nice enroll feature; picture very large; thumbnails good; clean, no extra text; green caption on story.

Cons: picture too big; want captions on thumbnails;

Design 3

Pros: left menu; Stories: can see hint/ caption for next story; easy to navigate; likes the intro text and map with star; layout common to lots of sites

Cons: menu and picture too boxy; picture not big enough; intro text too long, map with star hokey; tagline too hard to read

Design 6

Pros: cool enroll feature - eye-popping; picture whole width; clean-looking; border makes it pop out

Cons: menu looks like part of carousel; center logo too big - should be at left and smaller;

Other Comments

Design 1a

Pros: likes bright yellow curved tagline - happy look

Design 1b

Pros: Tagline (large letters) easier to read than 1a







Design 4

Pros:carousel for stories; tabs

Cons: carousel (shadows and 3D hard for older eyes to see); rounded tabs; yellow text on tabs;

Design 5

Pros; enroll feature clean and modern, easy to use; white space good; quote; photo size; slider story picker; obvious links.

Cons; too much like facebook; quote; menu lost between tool bar and picture