User Experience Testing

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Date Description / Link Participants
mid to late August 2011 Draft Designs and Test Designs. We shared the test link with our Advisory Committee and then opened it up to the community for comments and review. We got lots of feedback and fixed numerous things on the site. dozens of faculty, staff and students
5/27/11 Do-it-Yourself Page Design. This was a mostly for fun exercise that allowed users to take individual features from any of our designs and put them together into a homepage. See one completed design and the parts board for the exercise. (uncounted)
5/27/11 Draft Design 3. Seven (7) designs were shown and comments were taken on each design. See top 3 favorites OR see all the featured designs (pdf). 35 or more students;
3 faculty/staff
5/13/11 Video Interviews: Why Western? Students were asked to give a 30-second spot on why they think perspective students should choose Western. 7 students
5/13/11 Draft Design 2. Eight (8) designs were shown and comments were taken on each design. See top 2 favorites or see all the featured designs (pdf). 30 students;
1 staff
4/29/11 Draft Design 1. A total of seven (7) versions of one family of designs was presented. Lively conversations between 2-5 students were common throughout the session. See the family of designs (ppt) (numbered ones were shown) or one of the most popular designs. More designs will be shown in May. 35 students;
1 staff
4/15/11 Link Testing. Layout 1 was used to test the comprehension of our major menu link names, Layout 2 and Layout 3 compared.
See instructions (pdf).
4 students;
1 staff
4/15/11 Link Testing. Card-sorting test on homepage links. See card-test results.
See instructions (pdf).
14 students;
2 staff
4/08/11 Link Testing. Layout 1 tested the items on our revised menus; Layout 2 presented a task-oriented layout.
See instructions (pdf).
4 prospective students,
1 parent
4/1/11 Link Testing. Initial Design with two layouts to test whether we had the right items in our menu for the prospective student deciding whether to apply to Western. Design 1 was a standard menu design. Design 2 introduced a task-oriented view of the most important information required for selecting a college.
See instructions (pdf).
7 students
4/1/11 "Design Details" introduced students to some visual concepts around photo and text layout including drop shadows, various title styles, fonts, and colors. This was designed to get a feeling for how campus responded to various graphic styles. These graphic ideas are not part of the home page design, but are more of a "graphic vocabulary" experiment. 3 students
Totals   148 tests