College Website Development or Western Web Edit

We are working with the colleges to provide a new platform for launching college and academic department sites. We are calling the whole system Western Web Edit and it provides a way for users to edit web pages directly on the web browser with no other software required. It also provides interactive capability (blogs, commenting etc) with no programming required - all the capability is built into the Drupal sites we will be providing.

In Phase I we are developing functionality and designs for the College and academic Departments, who have somewhat different requirements from the administrative offices. These Drupal sites will provide much greater functionality than our current static sites and can include database views, blogs, commenting, customizable web forms and other interactive functionality.

See the Requirements Document for College Web (pdf)

Visual Design for the Sites

In November 2012 we created a survey to guide our final refinements to the design for the College Sites. From these results we refined our designs to create a template for the college Drupal sites. These designs will be available as a Responsive Theme, although we are only showing the desktop versions in the images below.

Note: "Responsive" means that it will be usable on various sized screens from mobile devices to desktops.

Learn more about the site design and see the current designs.

History of the College Web Designs

Since late spring 2012 we've been working with some talented designers across campus to develop designs for these new websites. Our goal was to develop a design that complements the current homepage design, but allows for the more complex menu and submenu capability appropriate to the website for a college and its departments. In late summer we did a small survey of our current designs for the college sites. From the results we got on performance and preferences we further refined the designs during early fall 2012.

Our Designers

From University Communications: Derek Bryson

From CFPA: Jesse Sturgis and Courtney Hiatt

From Admissions: Phil Acuncius (until September 2012) and Jamin Agosti (until July 2012)

Our Committee

And our earlier history...


Please see the Homepage Redesign of 2011