Creating a Slideshow

To create the slideshow:

  1. Resize the images in photoshop. For best results the images should be 200 px in height - the width doesn't matter except that anything more than 700px won't fit in the template.
  2. Store the resized images in the slideshow folder provided in the template (or create one yourself)
  3. Create the page: select File, New, Page From Template, and then select the slideshow template.
  4. Find the first image which is shown with a dot next to it in Dreamweaver (it will not show this way on the web). Delete the image and drag one of the images from the slideshow folder into the space next to the dot. Repeat this for all the images you wish to cycle through. If you need more images, simply place your cursor next to one of the images, press enter, and drag an image to the new dot.


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Page Updated 07.16.2012