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BlackBerry Cell Phone and Organizer Available
Frits Ponsen
Winter 2004

Telecommunications Services is now offering the BlackBerry Handheld Wireless Cell Phone, Email, and Organizer device for use by University faculty and staff.

This device provides standard wireless cell phone service and includes the benefits of always-on email, web browsing, and synchronization with the Outlook Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. In essence, it looks and acts somewhat like a PDA. Wireless service is provided by Verizon Wireless.

This unit has powerful features to help you stay connected to the office while away, either on campus or across the country. Features include:

  • Small handheld unit with belt clip, smaller than most PDA’s. Most people find it no more cumbersome to carry than their regular cell phone
  • Wireless access available wherever Verizon digital cell service is available
  • Send and receive text messages, called Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Send and receive e-mail from your campus e-mail address whether desk top PC is on or off (e-mail is automatically “pushed” to the device)
  • Ability to open and read most attachments to the email
  • Web browsing
  • Ability to update sent and deleted emails
  • Small QWERTY-style keyboard for fast typing
  • Track wheel for easy, one-hand navigation
  • Desktop synchronization for Outlook Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks
  • End-to-end security through encryption
  • Third party software available

The Blackberry device provides many benefits for faculty and staff that are often on the go. Keep in mind that the Blackberry is a cell phone device and therefore requires payment of monthly cell phone charges, plus special charges for the email and data services provided.

For more information on this device please go to the BlackBerry website or contact Telecom at 650-3600.




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