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Communications Facility Expands Classroom /Lab Options
Larry Gilbert
Winter 2004

The rapidly approaching opening of the Communications Facility significantly expands classroom and computer lab options for both faculty and students. Work began in early March on the installation of instructional media in sixteen general university classrooms and seven general university computer lab spaces in Western’s newest building.

The best news for faculty members is that, due to significant savings in the media bidding process, we will be adding multimedia and computer display capability to 100% of the classrooms in the new facility.

Level 3 and Level 4 classrooms will provide newly-designed pushbutton controls for operation of media equipment, rather than computer-interfaced controls.


Final Configuration of CF Classrooms

The following four classrooms will be completed early, for possible occupancy early spring quarter:

Room Seats Media Level
CF 115 144 Level 4 (podium w/ computer and doc camera)
CF 224 30 Level 3 (podium with computer)
CF 225 40 Level 3
CF 226 40 Level 3

Six classrooms with Level 4 media should be open for classes during summer session and, of course, fall quarter:

Room Seats
CF 110 100
CF 224 30
CF 225 40
CF 226 40
CF 120 100
CF 105 75
CF 125 75
CF 420 60
CF 25 50

As well as four additional Level 3 classrooms:

Room Seats
CF 23 35
CF 227 50
CF 314 35
CF 316 60

Two classrooms, CF 229 and CF 231, will be outfitted with Level 2 media. The bonus here is that since ceiling mounted projectors are being used for the video display, these Level 2 classrooms will also support the display of images from laptop computers.

We’ve worked hard to provide faculty with more small classrooms that allow for the display of computer information to an entire class. Keep in mind that Level 3 classrooms have the same ability as Level 4 classrooms in this regard. The only thing not currently available in a Level 3 classroom is an installed document camera.

Computer Labs Also Enhanced

All seven general university computer labs in the Communications Facility will offer an instructors station with computer and VCR and a large-screen display for class viewing.

Instructors will, for the first time, be able to schedule classes in computer labs for up to 40 or 50 students. The following areas may be combined into one room for use with such larger class groups:

  • CF 24 20 seats or 40 seats combined
  • CF 25 20 seats
  • CF 165 25 seats or 50 seats combined
  • CF 167 25 seats

Dual media display for combined areas can be controlled from a single instructor podium. For smaller groups, the divided labs provide individual instructor stations with the same multimedia capabilities.

Additionally, CF 21 and CF 312 are twenty-seat PC computer labs, and a twenty-seat Macintosh lab will be located in CF 161.

Departments housed in the Communications Facility will receive priority for use of the computer labs in this building. Even so, the significant expansion of computer lab seats on the south campus should make both class scheduling and ad hoc student use far more convenient campus-wide.

ATUS staff members will be glad to provide orientations in the use of the media control systems well before your scheduled classes begin. Call Classroom Services at 650-3300 to schedule a session. For details on classroom media technology levels, see the Classroom Services website at

We hope you’re looking forward to using these new classroom and computer lab facilities as much as we are. As usual, we will welcome your comments and suggestions after you give the new facilities a try.

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