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Tech Tip
Fred Robson

 Laptop computers have always been useful tools. With wireless capabilities they are more then ever becoming the preferred choice for many people. Service for laptops is often more complex however. Because of their size and the design, they are often difficult to work on.

Manufacturers will sometimes require that a laptop computer be sent back to the factory for major repairs. One of the biggest disappointments is when a laptop is dropped. This damage is often very expensive and is not covered under the standard warranty. Repair costs can be as much as half the original purchase so the owner often chooses not to get it repaired.

There is an alternative to this problem. Dell, Gateway, and Compaq all have an accidental damage coverage policy for their laptop computers. This program will cover all damages to the laptop at an additional cost of around $170 for 3 years of protection. You may want to consider this option when estimating the cost of purchasing a laptop computer.

Call me at 650-7737 if you have questions about this or other considerations when purchasing computer equipment.

Campus Network Protection
Linc Nesheim

Over the course of March, April, and May, ATUS will be coordinating with Telecommunications to begin blocking unwanted internet traffic from reaching buildings on campus.  We will be working with Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors to ensure that all normal network services remain functional while filtering out unwanted traffic (hackers, viruses, etc.).  We appreciate your cooperation as we work to protect the campus from outside attacks of our computers. Please contact me at 650-6546 with questions or suggestions.

Audio Recording Booth Updated
Noël Newell

Copying instructional audio material to CDs has just become easier with the updating of the audio recording booth in ATUS. Located in the Video Services area, the self-service equipment supports real-time recording from reel-to-reel tapes, vinyl records (remember those?), standard audio cassette tapes, live microphone, or CD.

We are excited about this service, because now valuable academic and historical knowledge stored on older audio formats can easily be transported to the more stable, versatile, and inexpensive CDs. Audio CDs can then be played on classroom computers, boom boxes, or handheld players with ease.

To make arrangements for orientation or assistance, please call ATUS Video Services at 650-3302 and schedule time in our audio suite. You will need to bring your album or tape, and a CD-R (compact disc readable) or CD-RW (compact disc read-write). Please note the dash between the CD and the R or RW; it’s important that you have the – version and not the +.

ATUS Offers Software Training
Susan Brown

ATUS continues to offer short, targeted software training at no charge to faculty and staff. All training sessions can be scheduled and customized for groups on request.

Since many people have inquired about the newly available service of publishing personal web pages, demonstrations of this process will be given throughout spring quarter. Participants will learn how to create and edit web pages by saving web documents into a folder called “myweb” on your own U: drive.

Other classes offered this spring include Course Development with Blackboard, Creating and Managing Web Content, Staying Under Your Outlook Quota, PowerPoint Basic Training, Photoshop Fundamentals, PageMaker Basic Training, and Email Merging with Word.

Please check our website at for workshop times and descriptions. For more information, please contact Susan Brown at 650-7222.


Check "SPAM" Folders for Valid Email
Susan Brown

Spam email is increasingly a problem, and more and more individuals are implementing spam filtering solutions, including Outlook Junk Email rules and iHateSpam software. A side-effect of instituting spam filtering on your computer is that sometimes messages that you want and need are considered to be Spam.

This is a reminder to check your filtered folders regularly to be sure that you do not miss messages that you wish to receive.

  • For Outlook Junk Email rules, look in the Junk E-mail folder
  • For iHateSpam Server software, check the Spam\Spam-Quarantine folder
  • For iHateSpam Client software, check the Quarantine folder

Each of these filtering methods has the ability to mark individual messages as "friendly."

For more information about obtaining or using spam filtering software, please contact the ATUS Help Desk at 650-3333 or

Gary Malick, ATUS Classroom Services, recently completed a course in Audio Systems presented by the International Communication Industries Association in Memphis, Tennessee.

Call Gary at 650-4934 for questions and problem-solving regarding voice amplification, speaker systems, audio recording systems, assistive listening, or Cajun cooking.

ATUS Computer Maintenance technicians have recently completed certification testing so that ATUS continues to be the authorized warranty repair service center for WWU computer equipment.

Steve Park and Chad Petersen completed the certification for Dell computer systems, while Wayne Price received re-certification for Apple computer warranty repairs.

Now Is the Hour
Nancy Grayum

Faculty members are reminded that now is the hour to request classrooms with the media you need for the 2004-2005 Timetable. As your administrative services managers submit details to the Registrar’s office, be sure your requests for Level 2, 3, or 4 media classrooms are included in the data. Details about media equipment in each classroom are available at the Classroom Services web pages,


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