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Northwest Native Trees and their Ecology 26TSep 15Sep 22$58.00$73.00
EXCURSION: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium 44RSep 24Sep 24$66.00$82.50
To Die Laughing: Radio Comedy in the Last Century 28FOct 2Oct 23$58.00$73.00
Russia and Ukraine 42MOct 5Oct 26$58.00$73.00
The Harlem Renaissance (1919 to 1935) 33TOct 6Nov 3$58.00$73.00
EXCURSION: Paddlewheeler Riverboat Tour to Fort Langley 21SOct 10Oct 10$136.00$170.00
America at the Crossroads 29WOct 14Nov 4$58.00$73.00
Voting: Processing the Ballot is More Than Just Counting 33ROct 22Oct 22$18.00$23.00
Halloween Fright II: Classic Horror Movies of the 1940s 37SOct 31Oct 31$18.00$23.00
Halloween Fright II: Classic Horror Movies of the 1940s **WWU Student** 40SOct 31Oct 31  
EXCURSION: Skagit Opera's "Hansel and Gretel" at McIntyre Hall 40RNov 5Nov 8$80.00$100.00
Russian History Through Music 28FNov 6Nov 20$45.00$55.00
The Wonderful World of Microfossils 32TNov 10Nov 17$32.00$42.00
Election 2016: Identity Politics (Prelude) 30WNov 11Dec 9$72.00$89.00
Ella Higginson: The Forgotten Pacific NW Author 26RNov 12Nov 19$32.00$42.00
The Wonder Of It All 24RNov 19Nov 19$18.00$23.00
EXCURSION: UBC Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver B.C. 40RDec 3Dec 3$60.00$75.00
Marvelous Mollusca 33WDec 9Dec 16$32.00$42.00
Japanese Garden Principles for Western Gardens 32FDec 11Dec 18$32.00$42.00
Repairing the Climate 32TJan 5Feb 2$72.00$89.00
Innovative Avian Adaptations 31WJan 6Jan 20$55.00$65.00
Six Plays of Sophocles 26WJan 6Feb 10$82.00$99.00
Thirsty Anyone? 30RJan 7Jan 28$58.00$73.00
The Gnostic Gospels: Ancient Roots Of Modern Religion 24FJan 8Jan 29$58.00$73.00
Dido and Aeneas: The Opera 31TJan 12Jan 12$18.00$23.00
Election 2016: Identity Politics in the Primary Season 31WJan 27Feb 24$32.00$42.00
Oriental Rugs Primer 33TFeb 9Feb 23$45.00$55.00
The Shocking Future of Vehicle Transport 18RFeb 18Feb 25$32.00$42.00