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Theodore Roosevelt: American President/Global Leader 18RNov 6Nov 20$45.00$55.00
Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate 17WNov 12Nov 12$18.00$23.00
Scoundrels in Literature and Why We Adore Them 6FNov 14Dec 5$45.00$55.00
Landslide Hazard in Whatcom County 13TNov 18Nov 18$18.00$23.00
Media Policy, Media Practice 19WDec 3Dec 10$32.00$42.00
Music and Dance of China, Japan, and Korea 20TDec 9Dec 18$58.00$73.00
EXCURSION: Pike Place Market and play, "The Great Society" at Seattle Repertory Theatre 18WDec 17Dec 17$78.00$96.00
Extinction: Are We Next? 15TJan 6Jan 27$58.00$73.00
Beethoven: His Music, His Life 28WJan 7Feb 4$72.00$89.00
(Re-)Reading Virgil's Aeneid 25RJan 8Feb 12$82.00$99.00
Agriculture - Food for Thought? 16FJan 9Feb 6$72.00$89.00
First World War: 100th Anniversary 14WJan 14Feb 4$58.00$73.00