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(List Generated Summer Quarter 2018 on 09/18/2018)

The following Western Washington University graduates earned their bachelor's or master's degrees and were awarded diplomas. Degrees offered: bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of arts in education (BAE), bachelor of fine arts (BFA), bachelor of music (BMUS), bachelor of science (BS), master of arts (MA), master of business administration (MBA), master of education (MED), master in teaching (MIT), master of music (MMUS), master of science (MS).
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First NameMiddle NameLast NameCityCountyZipStateCountryDegreeMajor
Madeline Pearl Ausland Anacortes Skagit 98221Washington BA Sociology
Mira Diana Lutz Anacortes Skagit 98221Washington MS Environmental Science
Olena OleksandriWill Anacortes Skagit 98221Washington BS Kinesiology:PrePT Specializtn.
Sarah Anne Mills Anchorage 99517Alaska BS Community Health
Jessica Michelle Campos Arleta 91331California BS Psychology
Christine Elizabeth Foster Arlington Snohomish 98223Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Maria Isabel Rodriguez-PerezArlington Snohomish 98223Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Caroline Alyssa Ohashi Auburn King 98092Washington BA Sociology
Bryan Hee-soo Shim Auburn King 98001Washington BA Bus Admin-Mgmt Info Sys Conc
Evelyn Louise Sides Augusta 30906Georgia BS Community Health
Madison Bryn Hirschfeld Aurora 80015Colorado BA Business and Sustainability
Bainbridge Island
Madison Claire Crittenden Bainbridge Island Kitsap 98110Washington BS Psychology
Katja Cole Tunkkari Bainbridge Island Kitsap 98110Washington BA Political Science
Bay Village
Shannon Nicole Mansfield Bay Village 44140Ohio BS Mathematics
Brittany Megan Go Bellevue King 98006Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Sourena Javadpour Bellevue King 98006Washington BA Economics
Gabriella A. Lai Bellevue King 98005Washington BA Economics
Giovanna Isabella Orecchio Bellevue King 98008Washington BA Economics/Political Science
Yusuke Nicholas Ota Bellevue King 98006Washington BA Bus Admin-Int'l Business Conc
Connor Quoc Tu Pham Bellevue King 98007Washington BS Biochemistry
Malia Vang Bellevue King 98005Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Peter Michael Acinapura Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Scott T. Ashurst Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Business Admin-Management Conc
Brendan Jacob Baalke Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Computer Science
Sangwoo Baek Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Computer Science
Paulina Mae Barry Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Interdisciplinary Conc
Jennifer Ann Bateman Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Computer Science
Cynthia Ann Beatty Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Jamie Leigh Broten Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Communication Studies
Taylor Mckenna Brown Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Political Science
Nicole Yvonne Bruno Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Mark Franklin Bryant Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington MED Environmental Education
Amber Shannon Bryson Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Jonathan Mark Buehrer Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Jennifer Michele Caudle Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Katie Marie Cook Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Gage James DeanDally Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Spanish
Yvonne Barbara DuBois Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Psychology
Sarah Louise Dunn Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Geology
Mohammad Ebrahimi Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Amy Oswald Eisenhauer Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Inga Ruby Elvrom Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA American Cultural Studies
Claire Elliston Forsberg Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BA Theatre
Dustin Allen Gleaves Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington MA Environmental Studies
Andrew Reginald Grant Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Jakob Kenneth Gregg Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Journalism - News/Editorial
Debra J Grindley Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Montana Carol Gwynn Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BS Mathematics
Lillian Haines Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Alexandra N. Halls Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Theatre
Brittany Ann Hanowell Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Alexander Jason Harding Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Business Admin-General Conc
Ai He Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Applied Mathematics
Rachel T. Hefley Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BS Psychology
Mikaela Melitta Hernandez Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Jennifer Elizabeth Holyoke Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Recreation
Amber Olivia Kelly Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Political Science
Kevin Minwoo Kim Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Amanda P. Knutzen Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Manufacturing Engineering
Joseph Michael Kuljis Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BS Geology
Ariel Leigh Logan Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Kimberly M. Luarks Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Eyonna Mason Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Psychology
Erin E. McDonald Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BA Bus Admin-Mgmt Info Sys Conc
Jacob Collins Moore Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Business Admin-Management Conc
Bradley Alexander Mowell Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Economics
Jim Nguyen Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Computer Science
Ambra DenHaan Nowlin Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Behavioral Neuroscience
Karen Lynn Peila Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Jenna Charlene Peth Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Political Science
Abby Elizabeth Pierce Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Psychology
Marcelo Miguel Quintana Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Caitlin Paige Reynolds Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
David KristopherRomoser Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Manufacturng&Supply Chain Mgmt
Thorkild Svend Rosenvinge Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Amanda Nicole Rudolph Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Geology
Jorge Joshua Ruiz Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BS Geology
Anna-Leigh Sellereit Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Tina Shelton Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Desiree Monique Stefens Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Jordyn Kay Strobel Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Psychology
Elizabeth Reed Stuart Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Alisa Misao Sweet Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Kelli Marie Terpsma Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Nikki Do Thon Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Community Health
Valerie Lee Tyler Bellingham Whatcom 98226Washington BS Community Health
Ian Patrick Vermeeren Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
David Nelson Voye Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Design
Breyanna Joyleen Waldsmith Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BS Environmental Science
Evelyn R. Werner Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Design
Olivia Rose Wernsmann Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA History/Social Studies
Matthew David Wilkinson Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Environmental Policy
Ki Tsun Wong Bellingham Whatcom 98229Washington BA Art Studio
Daniel Carter Wyman Bellingham Whatcom 98225Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Beverly Hills
Lili Marie AnaCLyne Beverly Hills 48025Michigan BA Recreation
Brenda Lee Anderson Blaine Whatcom 98230Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Stephanie Marie Hall Bothell Snohomish 98012Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Mark ChristopheHanna Bothell Snohomish 98012Washington BA French/Spanish
Joshua Owen Kirby Bothell Snohomish 98012Washington BS Envr Sci- Toxicology Emphasis
Scott Ernest Maynard Bothell Snohomish 98021Washington BA Design
Cindy Bernal Sahagun Bothell Snohomish 98012Washington BS Psychology
Claudia Scarlett Wagener Bothell King 98011Washington BA Theatre
Jenna Lynn Caires Bremerton Kitsap 98337Washington BA Human Services
Christopher Allan Hall Bremerton Kitsap 98311Washington BS Environmental Science
Kyle Toquero Mamaril Bremerton Kitsap 98311Washington BS KinesiologyPreHlthcareProfSpec
Amanda Marie Naddeo Bremerton Kitsap 98337Washington BA Business Admin-General Conc
Allison Rae Borrud Brier Snohomish 98036Washington BA Design
Katharine Jo Skurski Brier Snohomish 98036Washington BS Community Health
Jonathan Robert Ramous Buckley Pierce 98321Washington BA Human Services
Patrick Gravelle Christiansen Burien King 98166Washington BS KinesiologyPreHlthcareProfSpec
Kelby Leon Carambot Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BS Geology
Cristina Gonzalez Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Gloria Lemus Mendez Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BAE Exceptionality and Disability
Shaun Robert Saunders Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Samantha Nicole Thompson Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BA Communication Studies
McKenzie Bergen Tuttle Burlington Skagit 98233Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Camano Island
Cassandra Lynn Bowling Camano Island Island 98282Washington BS Psychology
Hanna Isabelle Brown Camano Island Island 98282Washington BA Journalism - Public Relations
Jacob Patrick Land Camano Island Island 98282Washington BA Journalism - Visual Journalism
Zach Paul Pizot Camas Clark 98607Washington BS Geology
Elizabeth Jeannette Zollars Carlsbad 92009California BA Anthropology
Christine A. Eaton Carnation King 98014Washington BA Art Studio
Joshua Glen Granum Colbert Spokane 99005Washington BA Theatre
Jeremiah Dale Rivera Colfax Whitman 99111Washington BA Human Services
Joe Henry Dennison Coupeville Island 98239Washington BA Business and Sustainability
Kevin T. Molloy Covington King 98042Washington BA Bus Admin-Int'l Business Conc
Preston Carl Slane Covington King 98042Washington BS Applied Mathematics
Jesse Tyler Klinger Damascus 97089Oregon MS Environmental Science
Des Moines
Jenessa Nhi Wrigley Des Moines King 98198Washington BS Community Health
Kaylee Ann Wells Eagle 83616Idaho BS Community Health
Eau Claire
Luan Jean Heywood Eau Claire 54701Wisconsin MS Geology
Andrew Robert Brooks Edgewood Pierce 98372Washington BA Communication Studies
Nicholas Edward Giroux Edmonds Snohomish 98026Washington BA Urban Planng & Sustainable Dev
Cooper Elliot Hansley Edmonds Snohomish 98020Washington BA Business Admin-Finance Conc
Caitlyn Marie Minifie Edmonds Snohomish 98020Washington BA Anthropology
Sabrina Eileen LehWest Edmonds Snohomish 98026Washington BA Philosophy
Billymae Grace Gelbach Entiat Chelan 98822Washington BA Communication Studies
Emily Moraine Williams Enumclaw King 98022Washington BS Geology
Claire Talbert Eureka 95503California BA Spanish
Claire Talbert Eureka 95503California BS Community Health
Christopher Thomas Boe Everett Snohomish 98201Washington BA Political Science
Erik Faburrieta Everett Snohomish 98203Washington BS Environmental Science
Rachael Elizabeth Hager Everett Snohomish 98208Washington BS Psychology
Samantha Elizabeth Newland Everett Snohomish 98201Washington BA Journalism - Public Relations
Carrie A. Wright Everett Snohomish 98201Washington MIT Master in Teaching
Armando Jesus Cervantes Everson Whatcom 98247Washington BA Business Admin-Management Conc
Shaylee Nicole Cienfuegos Everson Whatcom 98247Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Blanca Mirian Rodriguez Everson Whatcom 98247Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Laura Kathleen Price Fairbanks 99706Alaska BS Biology-Marine Emphasis
Federal Way
Madison Lynn Campbell Federal Way King 98003Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Daniel David Thomas Federal Way King 98023Washington BA Journalism - Visual Journalism
Michael Loran Williams Federal Way King 98003Washington MS Psychology (Experimental)
Katelyn Olivia Atkins Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BAE Physical Educ & Health P-12
Salvator Joseph Caruso Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BS Geology
Alex Curtis Crape Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BA Bus Admin-Operations Mgmt Conc
Kayanne J. Grubb Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BA Environmental Studies
Tessa Dayanara Mazur Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BS Community Health
Jesse Ryan Spychalla Ferndale Whatcom 98248Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Nick Alexander Boer Fircrest Pierce 98466Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Hannah Mae Belle Crawford Flagstaff 86005Arizona BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Paola Merrill FPO 9617Military - Europe BA English-Literature Emphasis
Friday Harbor
James Peter Asher Friday Harbor San Juan 98250Washington BA History
Wendy Vega Friday Harbor San Juan 98250Washington BA Sociology
Gig Harbor
Rhea Nicole Canas Gig Harbor Pierce 98329Washington BA Environmental Studies
Christa Brianne Dietrich Gig Harbor Pierce 98335Washington BS Psychology
Erin Nicole Hibbs Gig Harbor Pierce 98335Washington BS Psychology
David Roy Johnson Gig Harbor Pierce 98329Washington BS Geology
Jacob C. Thomson Gig Harbor Pierce 98332Washington BS Community Health
Cody Joseph Brocato Graham Pierce 98338Washington MS Kinesiology, Exercise Sci Optn
Elisabeth Keri Minor Graham Pierce 98338Washington BA History
Granite Falls
Emily Grace Barbano Granite Falls Snohomish 98252Washington BA Communication Studies
Aurora Lena Mac Avoy Granite Falls Snohomish 98252Washington BS KinesiologyPreHlthcareProfSpec
Logan Hunter Summers Granite Falls Snohomish 98252Washington BA History
Tran My Le Houston 77089Texas BA Accounting
Imperial Beach
Ariel Grace Mathwig Imperial Beach 91932California BA Business and Sustainability
Elizabeth Jane Cummins Issaquah King 98027Washington MS Chemistry
Wyatt Douglas Johnson Issaquah King 98027Washington BA Communication Studies
Thomas Francis Ruocco Issaquah King 98027Washington BA Philosophy
Matthew Ronald Smith Issaquah King 98029Washington BAE Physical Educ & Health P-12
Alexander Carl Van ValkenburghIssaquah King 98027Washington BA Journalism - Public Relations
Morgan LeAnne VanRiper Kalama Cowlitz 98625Washington BS Biology-General Emphasis
Alexey D. Cain Kenmore King 98028Washington BS Mathematics/Computer Science
Johann Petur Sigurjonsson Kenmore King 98028Washington MS Chemistry
Kinzie Adelee Rosenbaum Kennewick Benton 99336Washington BS Psychology
Cynthia S Uptain Kingston Kitsap 98346Washington BA Human Services
Schyler Patricia-LDuryee Kirkland King 98033Washington BA Human Services
Jacqueline Renee' Gbalipre Kirkland King 98034Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Autumn Lynn Nash Kirkland King 98034Washington BS Psychology
Arman Sayyadi Kirkland King 98033Washington BS Mathematics/Computer Science
Erika Anne Thonn Kirkland King 98033Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Hans Lie Watkins Kirkland King 98033Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu 6
Yuka Danno Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu 6 Japan BA Communication Studies
La Conner
Christine Tripp La Conner Skagit 98257Washington MED Educational Administration
Zachery Thomas Slagle Lacey Thurston 98503Washington BA Sociology
Lake Forest Park
Susan Ann Cutler Lake Forest Park King 98155Washington MA Rehabilitation Counseling
Lake Stevens
Sarah Mariko Cailotto Lake Stevens Snohomish 98258Washington BA Communication Studies
Lake Tapps
McKenna Nicole Garrison Lake Tapps Pierce 98391Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Samuel Edward Gocken Lake Tapps Pierce 98391Washington BA History
Alissa Elaine Parker Lake Tapps Pierce 98391Washington BS Community Health
Noah ChristopheHarris Langley Island 98260Washington BS Physics
Kristina Punahele Scheppers Lihue 96766Hawaii BS KinesiologyPreHlthcareProfSpec
Ryan Gabriel Johnson Longview Cowlitz 98632Washington BS Mathematics/Computer Science
Jonathan Craig Camarigg Lynden Whatcom 98264Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Britt Marie Rhodes Lynden Whatcom 98264Washington BA Anthropology
Anna Hope St. John Lynden Whatcom 98264Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Rothboury Althorny Doung Lynnwood Snohomish 98036Washington BS Envr Sci- Toxicology Emphasis
Andrew V. Huynh Lynnwood Snohomish 98037Washington BS Mathematics/Computer Science
Amanda Jo Johnson Lynnwood Snohomish 98037Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Nouanechanh Kitnikone Lynnwood Snohomish 98037Washington MED Adult and Higher Education
Alicia Kay Sorenson Lynnwood Snohomish 98087Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Tanner L. Thuet-DavenportLynnwood Snohomish 98087Washington BS Biology-Molecular & Cell Emph
Kailyn Rose Warner Lynnwood Snohomish 98087Washington BA Bus Admin-Int'l Business Conc
Maple Falls
James Austin Everbeck Maple Falls Whatcom 98266Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Maple Valley
Kyle Akira Cummins Maple Valley King 98038Washington BS Plastics&Composite Engineering
Ryan Thomas Buchanan Marysville Snohomish 98270Washington BA East Asian Studies
Hannah Marie Fink Marysville Snohomish 98270Washington BS Computer Science
Menomonee Falls
Joe Robert Krivichi Menomonee Falls 53051Wisconsin BS Envr Sci-Freshwater Ecol Emph.
Mercer Island
Zoe Lucille Zilz Mercer Island King 98040Washington MS Biology
Mill Creek
John K Hollowell Mill Creek Snohomish 98012Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Takuma Okamoto Mimasaka 70704 Japan BA Accounting
Vanessa Christine Doyle Montesano Grays Harbor 98563Washington BS Community Health
Megan Amber McMullen Mooresville 28117North Carolina BA Art Studio
Mount Vernon
Julia Bailey Caddell Mount Vernon Skagit 98274Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Elle M. Lee Mount Vernon Skagit 98274Washington BS Behavioral Neuroscience
Stacie Jo Pratschner Mount Vernon Skagit 98274Washington MA Anthropology
Mountlake Terrace
Juan Carlos Hernandez Mountlake Terrace Snohomish 98043Washington BA Interdisciplinary Conc
Katharine Ann Byrnes Mukilteo Snohomish 98275Washington BS Environmental Science
Sarah Janelle Cederberg Mukilteo Snohomish 98275Washington BA Design
Nicholas Ryan Pribble Mukilteo Snohomish 98275Washington BA Environmental Education
Claire Louise Carlson Naches Yakima 98937Washington BA Political Science
Emma Clare Rutherford Newcastle King 98056Washington BS Community Health
Aaron Joseph Walden Newport Pend Oreille 99156Washington BA East Asian Studies
Valerie Nicole Davis Nooksack Whatcom 98276Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
North Bend
Daylee Melissa Hames North Bend King 98045Washington BA Human Services
Oak Harbor
Elizabeth HuntingtonBrooks Oak Harbor Island 98277Washington BA Spanish
Allen Nicolas Hills Oak Harbor Island 98277Washington BS Kinesiology:PrePT Specializtn.
Rebecca L. Luxmore Oak Harbor Island 98277Washington BA Sociology
Samantha Ann Rainey Oak Harbor Island 98277Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Sierra Patricia Leckie Oakley 94561California BS KinesiologyPreHlthcareProfSpec
Ocean Shores
Kelsey Lee Rogers Ocean Shores Grays Harbor 98569Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Cobi David HaskBeal Olympia Thurston 98513Washington BS Psychology
Joseph Daniel Burton Olympia Thurston 98502Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Sara Nichole Fette Olympia Thurston 98516Washington BS Psychology
Marta Kathryn Helpenstell Olympia Thurston 98501Washington BA Communication.
Steven Dean Lutz Olympia Thurston 98512Washington BA Accounting
William Hunter Nooney Olympia Thurston 98502Washington BA Business Admin-Management Conc
Amanda Catherine Ott Olympia Thurston 98501Washington BS Community Health
Joshua Meir Reiner Olympia Thurston 98502Washington BS Electricl Engr-Electroncs Conc
Ryan Jacob Sullivan Olympia Thurston 98506Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Anita Elizabeth Levin Orinda 94563California BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Madelyn Nicole Merritt Parker 80134Colorado BA Sociology
Port Angeles
Ashley Lyn Baltrusitis Port Angeles Clallam 98362Washington BS Envr Sci- Toxicology Emphasis
Mikayla Cherise DeBerry Port Angeles Clallam 98363Washington BA Communication Studies
Port Orchard
Morgan Taylor Kentch Port Orchard Kitsap 98366Washington BS Biology-Marine Emphasis
Abigail Joy Loney Poulsbo Kitsap 98370Washington BA Business Admin-General Conc
Emma Nicole Ryan Poulsbo Kitsap 98370Washington BA Sociology
Carin Evelyn Trei Poulsbo Kitsap 98370Washington BS Community Health
Dan Mark Ashburn Puyallup Pierce 98372Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Hanna Kristyne Carrington Puyallup Pierce 98374Washington BA CommunicatnSciences&Disorders
Christopher Lawrence Mattson Puyallup Pierce 98375Washington BA Bus Admin-Mgmt Info Sys Conc
Simranpreet Kaur Sandhu Puyallup Pierce 98373Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Mckenna M. Snyder Puyallup Pierce 98375Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Natalie N. Anderson Redmond King 98052Washington BA Anthropology
Dustin Joseph Davis Redmond King 98052Washington BA Linguistics
Stephanie Shing ya Liu Redmond King 98052Washington BS Sociology
Lauren M. Stovall Redmond King 98052Washington BS Biology-General Emphasis
Sidney FranchescaAmezcua Renton King 98056Washington BS Psychology
Sidney FranchescaAmezcua Renton King 98056Washington BA Sociology
Bradley Michael Foster Renton King 98058Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Amanda Jene Harris Renton King 98058Washington BA Bus Admin-Operations Mgmt Conc
Amy Kealoha Hiraki Renton King 98058Washington BS Psychology
Justin W. Rinta Ridgefield Clark 98642Washington MA Rehabilitation Counseling
Cristina Villalobos Salinas 93906California MS Environmental Science
Antonio Alberto Canedo Sammamish King 98075Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Quinn Marie Edwards Sammamish King 98075Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Quinn Marie Edwards Sammamish King 98075Washington BS Psychology
Angelica Janet Palma-GutierrezSammamish King 98075Washington BS Psychology
Angelica Janet Palma-GutierrezSammamish King 98075Washington BA Sociology
Eric Scott Tidball Sammamish King 98075Washington BA Energy Policy and Management
San Clemente
Holly Angela Pope San Clemente 92673California BA Urban Planng & Sustainable Dev
Ellen Faulkner-Monks Sandpoint 83864Idaho BS Geology
Anna Catlin Baker Seattle King 98109Washington BA Linguistics
Hannah Rose Bender Seattle King 98115Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Tonantzin Brito Seattle King 98126Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Alexander William Bulger Seattle King 98125Washington BA Interdisciplinary Conc
Owen Frederick Burr Seattle King 98117Washington BA Fairhaven Upside-Down Program
Jack Miguel Carballo Seattle King 98136Washington BA Journalism - Public Relations
Jessica Ann Dean Seattle King 98116Washington BS Community Health
Sophia Marie Hermann Seattle King 98117Washington BS Psychology
Hannah Alana Heyrich Seattle King 98119Washington BA Environmental Studies
Weston Edward Horner Seattle King 98144Washington MIT Master in Teaching
Yosan Kiflemariam Seattle King 98118Washington BA Political Science
Emmanuela Deimaphi Laloo Seattle King 98125Washington BA History
Logan Kincaid Land Seattle King 98118Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Cody Allen Level Seattle King 98133Washington BS Environmental Science
Oliver Patrick Manley Seattle King 98115Washington BS Biology/Anthropology
Kelly Meagher McNulty Seattle King 98126Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Jessica Rae Murry Seattle King 98103Washington BA Bus Admin-Int'l Business Conc
Cindy Phuong Vu Nguyen Seattle King 98144Washington BS Biology-Marine Emphasis
Ava Frances Olsen Seattle King 98126Washington BA Human Services
Sabrina Kelly Patton Seattle King 98115Washington BA Communication Studies
Ian KristopherPeterson Seattle King 98109Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Lutza Erzsebet Petrin Seattle King 98199Washington BA Accounting
Laurel Ann Puffert Seattle King 98136Washington BS Community Health
Elizabeth Catherine Scheller Seattle King 98107Washington BS Geology
Samantha Jo-Ying Scroggins Seattle King 98146Washington BA Sociology
Maclain Everett Shumway Seattle King 98115Washington BA CommunicatnSciences&Disorders
Hao Hoang Trieu Seattle King 98146Washington BA Design
Anne Elisabeth Tynan Seattle King 98107Washington BA Linguistics
Madelyn Ruthanne Voelker Seattle King 98199Washington MS Biology
Sophia Rose von Veh Seattle King 98105Washington BA Theatre
Sedro Woolley
Nicole Bennett Sedro Woolley Skagit 98284Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Brandon Taylor Devero Sedro Woolley Skagit 98284Washington BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Katie Hursh Sedro Woolley Skagit 98284Washington MS Computer Science
Benjamin Clearman Perry Sedro Woolley Skagit 98284Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Derek MesserschmMorgan Sequim Clallam 98382Washington BA Business Admin-Finance Conc
Shaw Island
Rebecca Jean Smemo Shaw Island San Juan 98286Washington BA Interdisciplinary Conc
Meredith Marie Bee Shoreline King 98133Washington BS Envr Sci- Toxicology Emphasis
Marco Hunter Willis Shoreline King 98155Washington BA Business Admin-Finance Conc
Blake Anthony San Fellipo Silverdale Kitsap 98383Washington BS Plastics&Composite Engineering
Joseph Gabriel Sanchez Silverdale Kitsap 98383Washington BS Community Health
Hannah Rae Hanson Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington BA Journalism - Public Relations
Meghan E. Hause Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington MA History Archives & Records Mgt
Samantha Michelle McCown Snohomish Snohomish 98296Washington BA English-Literature Emphasis
Emily Joy Raymond Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Taryn Elizabeth Riegel Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington BA Anthropology
Jory James Strickland Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington BS Geology
Jeremy Stewart Wright Snohomish Snohomish 98290Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Larissa Jane Perey Spanaway Pierce 98387Washington MA Rehabilitation Counseling
Sara Alexandra Bray Spokane Spokane 99223Washington BS Community Health
Cooper Vincent Cherel Spokane Spokane 99203Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Taylor D. Holden Spokane Spokane 99208Washington BS Psychology
Taylor D. Holden Spokane Spokane 99208Washington BA Spanish
Duncun Cache Krop Spokane Spokane 99207Washington BA Political Science
Trevor John Nelson Spokane Spokane 99224Washington BA Economics/Political Science
Spokane Valley
Tailer Yvonne Craner Spokane Valley Spokane 99206Washington BS Community Health
Madison Faye Barczyszyn Stanwood Snohomish 98292Washington BA Accounting
Allison Elizabeth Pavish Stanwood Snohomish 98292Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)
Kalona Lynn Tanielian Stanwood Snohomish 98292Washington BA Multidisciplinary Studies
Amberly Khamsaly Sultan Snohomish 98294Washington BA Human Services
Maria Elizabeth McNaughton Sultan Snohomish 98294Washington BS Biology-Marine Emphasis
Megan Ashlyn Dale Tacoma Pierce 98408Washington BS Psychology
Perry Charles Doidge Tacoma Pierce 98445Washington BA Sociology
Brandon Alan Lambeth Tacoma Pierce 98403Washington BA English-Literature Emphasis
Maclain Keith Ramsey Tacoma Pierce 98422Washington BA English-Creatve Wrtng Emphasis
Hillary Teresa Swenson Tacoma Pierce 98404Washington BS Psychology
Madisyn Jarae Tibeau Tumwater Thurston 98512Washington BA Art Studio
University Place
Emily Julia Murray University Place Pierce 98466Washington BA Sociology
Jacob Tanner Abegglen Vancouver Clark 98685Washington BMUS Music Education P-12
Billy Roy Arn Vancouver Clark 98682Washington MIT Master in Teaching
Nathaniel Richard Colven Vancouver Clark 98665Washington BS Biology/Anthropology
Helaina Fille Curtis Vancouver Clark 98665Washington BS Computer Science
Megan Annabelle Hanson Vancouver Clark 98684Washington BS Geology
Krista Diane Helt Vancouver Clark 98685Washington BA Anthropology
Juliet Elise Mammen Vancouver Clark 98685Washington BA Bus Admin-Int'l Business Conc
Tia Nicole Norris Vancouver Clark 98683Washington BS Envr Sci- Toxicology Emphasis
Robert Arlyn Petrie Vancouver Clark 98684Washington BA Bus Admin-Mgmt Info Sys Conc
Jeremy Nathaniel Strauchler Vancouver Clark 98684Washington BA Bus Admin-Mgmt Info Sys Conc
Vytautas Sungaila Vancouver Clark 98683Washington BS Mathematics
Kayli Alexandra Troelsen Vancouver Clark 98686Washington BA Human Services
Elliot Michael O'Neill Ventura 93004California BS Kinesiology:MovemntStudiesSpec
Thomas Anthony Carone Wailuku 96793Hawaii BA Environmental Policy
Abigail Noel Davison Wenatchee Chelan 98801Washington BA Business Admin-Marketing Conc
Nicolas McLean Ulmer Winthrop Okanogan 98862Washington BA Journalism - Visual Journalism
Thomas Bruce Drechsel Woodinville King 98072Washington BA Business Admin-General Conc
Kelli Nicole Gessner Woodinville King 98072Washington BA Accounting
Madison Claire Guillen Woodinville King 98077Washington BAE Physical Educ & Health P-12
Samantha Marie Marinkovich Woodinville King 98072Washington BS Psychology
David Joseph Medalia Woodinville King 98072Washington BA Anthropology
Ben Neil Peterson Woodinville King 98072Washington BS Geology
Alexandra Brooke Taylor Woodinville King 98072Washington BS Community Health
Nicole Cherie Bannister Yakima Yakima 98908Washington BSN Nursing (RN-to-BSN)