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Committee Type:SENATE & Standing
Chair:Derek Yip-Hoi, x7236

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NameCte Position TypeVacancy
Cte Voting StatusPhoneMSOfficeDeptTerm StartsTerm EndsArea
Moyer, Craig L.
ATC rep to STF 2013 David Saxton SenAL-2014
Faculty SENATOR  Voting  x7935  9160  BI409  Biology  2012  2014  A
Faculty Fairhaven  Voting          2013  2015  
Yip-Hoi, Derek
Faculty CST  Voting  x7236  9086  ET313  Engineering Tech  2012  2014  A
McLaughlin, John F
Faculty Huxley  Voting  x7617  9181  ES440  EnvSci  2008  2014  G
Hamilton, Bruce
Faculty CFPA  Voting  x3711  9107  PA133  Music  2011  2015  D
Biswas, Bidisha
Faculty CHSS +ATUS search cte  Voting  x6596  9082  AH411  Political Science  2013  2015  B
Mears, Derrick
Faculty CHSS  Voting  x3106  9067  CV106  PEHR  2012  2014  B
Sandvig, Chris
Faculty CBE  Voting  x7952  9077  PH209  DecSci  2013  2015  E
Peterson, Andrea
Faculty ATC rep to STF  Voting  x3894  9103  HH320Q  Library  2013  2015  I
Burgess, Don
for Paula Dagnon. Sen appts 4/8/13
Faculty Woodring  Voting  x2482  9090  MH403A  Secondary Ed  2012  2014  H
Hirsch, David
replacing Doug Clark
Faculty CST (2)  Voting  x2166  9080  ES439  Geology  2013  2015  A
Brown, Justina
Other or Staff CII  Non-Voting  x7210  9095  CH301  CII&A  2005    
Roberts, Frank
Other or Staff AcTech&UserSvc  Non-Voting  x3361  9094  Director MH152  ATUS  2007    
Junell, Jon
Voting Ex Officio Lan Managers  Non-Voting  x6560  9072  PH 310  CBE  2012    E
Lawson, John
Voting Ex Officio ViceProvost & CIO  Non-Voting  x3917  9033  OM375  Info Tech  2006    President
Student appointed by AS
Student AS  Voting          2012  2013  
Ramhorst, Lizzy
DSE Zach Sisco takes minutes
Other or Staff Recorder  Non-Voting  x6808  9020  OM350  FacSen      Records

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