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Committee Type:ACC College Curriculum (Minutes)
Chair:Karen McLean Dade, x4455
Recorder: Emily Sasnett, x2538

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NameCte Position TypeVacancy
Cte Voting StatusPhoneMSOfficeDeptTerm StartsTerm EndsArea
Dade, Karen McLean
Assoc Dean chair cte
Voting Ex Officio Associate Dean  Non-Voting  x4455  9088  MH250  Woodring College  2012    H
Acevedo-Gutierrez, Alejandro
Jerry Johnson - alternate Matth Curric
Other or Staff CST  Voting  x3653  9160  BI309  Biology  2009  2011  A
Nolet , Victor W
Faculty WOOD, SecEd  Voting  x7578  9090  MH260E  Secondary Ed  2006  2011  H
Fitzpatrick, Timothy
Faculty CFPA (2)  Voting  x7290  9107  PA 039  Music  2009  2011  D
Nelson, George
Faculty CST Science Education  Voting  x3637  9155  SL250D  SMATE  2007  2009  A
Faculty Woodring, SpecEd  Voting          2009  2011  
Carroll, David M
Faculty Woodring, ElemEd  Voting  x3336  9092  MH251  Elementary Ed  2009  2011  H
Edward, Dana
Faculty Director Certification&Accreditation  Voting  x4630  9088  MH150N  Woodring College  2006  2011  H
Thorndike, Tracy
Faculty WOODRING Rep to ACC  Voting  x6859  9040  MH202a/266d  Special Ed  2009  2011  H
Other or Staff Public School Rep  Other              
McCleery, Jennifer
Other or Staff Director of Teacher Ed Admissions &Field Exper  Voting  x3309  9088  MH150C  Woodring College  2006    H
Kuntz, Mark T
Faculty CFPA (1)  Voting  x3789  9109  PA395B  TheatDanc  2009  2011  D
Goebel, Bruce A
Faculty CHSS (1)  Voting  x3214  9055  HU 335  English  2009  2011  C
Undergrad; post-bac; grad
Student Elem Ed Rep - student  Other              
Undergrad; post-bac; grad
Student Secondary Ed rep - student  Other              
Undergrad; post-bac; grad
Student Special Ed rep - student  Other            2011  
Sasnett, Emily
Curriculum Mins to ACC
DeptAdmin Asst to the Dean  Non-Voting  x2538  9088  MH218  Woodring College      H
Hamilton, Pam
Other or Staff Curriculum Secty  Non-Voting  x3981  9040  MH165  Special Ed      H

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