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Committee Type:Univ - Senate
Chair:Peggy Watt, x2338

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NameCte Position TypeVacancy
Cte Voting StatusPhoneMSOfficeDeptTerm StartsTerm EndsArea
Watt, Peggy
Faculty Journalism Chair  Voting  x2338  9161  CF 253  Journ  2011  2099  C
Keppie, Christina
Faculty thru end of spr qtr  Voting    9057  HU 239  M&CL  2012  2015  C
Airth, Paula
Faculty thru end of fall qtr  Voting    9068    Design  2012  2015  D
McLeod, Maria
Faculty alternate as required  Voting    9161    Journ  2012  2015  C
Anderson, Matthew
DeptAdmin Univ Communications  Voting  x7434  9161  OM 360  Journ  2012  2014  C
Student W, on cte
AS Review Editor Megan Thompson
Student Full Year  Voting    9106  VU 504E  AS  2013    
Student X, on cte
ASVP Activities - Carly Roberts
Student Full Year  Voting    9106  VU 504E  AS  2013    
Student Y, on cte
Anneliese Remy
Student Full Year  Voting    9106  VU504E  AS  2013    
Student V , on cte
Mindon Win
Student Student Publications  Voting    9106  VU 504E  AS  2013    
Macomber, Alethea
DeptAdmin Secretary  Non-Voting  x3171  9163  CF230E  StudPublicat  2012  2099  Journalism

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