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Committee Type:SENATE & Standing
Chair:James M Inverarity, x3006
Recorder: Connie Mallison, x3051

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NameCte Position TypeVacancy
Cte Voting StatusPhoneMSOfficeDeptTerm StartsTerm EndsArea
Greenberg, Mark
Ex Officio NV Dean of Libraries  Non-Voting  x3051  9103  HH231A  Library  2013    I
Mallison, Connie
Asst to Dean
DeptAdmin Records Minutes  Non-Voting  x3051  9103  HH231  Library      I
Roberts, Frank
Rob Galbraith
Voting Ex Officio ATUS director  Other  x3361  9094  Director MH152  ATUS      
Yusa, Michiko
Faculty Senator  Voting  x4851  9057  HU 205  M&CL  2013  2014  C
Joffrion, Elizabeth
Faculty Library  Voting    9103    Library  2013  2015  I
Inverarity, James M
Faculty CHSS  Voting  x3006  9081  AH502  Sociology  2012  2014  B
Springer, Mark C.
Faculty CBE  Voting  x4806  9077  PH325  DecSci  2012  2014  E
Janson, Carol L
Faculty CFPA  Voting  x3733  9068  FI119  Art  2012  2015  D
Goto, Stanford
Acting Chair
Faculty Woodring  Voting  x3347  9091  MH 324  Continuing Ed  2010  2015  H
Love, Brooke
Faculty Huxley College  Voting  x2894  9181  ES435  EnvSci  2012  2014  G
Schwandt, Hilary
Faculty Fairhaven  Voting    9118    Fairhaven  2012  2014  F
Glimm, Tilmann
Faculty CST  Voting    9063    Math  2013  2015  A
Student V , on cte
Student AS appoints  Voting    9106  VU 504E  AS  2012  2013  

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