Poster Printing

Academic poster printing is available to students who have had a print request form submitted and approved. Posters are for academic purposes only and are limited to one per class, per quarter. Posters are "30"x40" and printing beyond this requires further approval.

1. Submit a request form

FACULTY ONLY: Requests can be made by submitting the following online form. Your request will be processed within 48 hours. To check if your course has been approved, see step 2.

Request form »

2. View approved courses

Click the following link to verify that your course has been approved. If your course is listed you can continue to step 3 and schedule your poster printing appointment.

Approved Courses »

3. Schedule an appointment

If you've found your course in the list of approved courses you may schedule a poster printing appointment by following the link below. YOUR COURSE MUST BE APPROVED.

Make Appointment »

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