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Course Name: Microsoft Word 2007 - Level 1
Provided By: Human Resources Professional Development
Description: This course is for the new user of Word and assumes no experience with the application. In this course you learn to create, revise, and save documents for printing and future retrieval. You also learn to apply attributes to font and paragraphs, apply bullets, set tab stops, set line spacing and use the spelling and grammar checker along with the thesaurus.

The courseware (book) and student data files are included with the class.
Course Objectives:
  • Start Word
  • Use the Word menu system, the Word toolbars and Word task panes
  • Display help information
  • Reset the working folder
  • Enter text into a document
  • Save and print a document
  • Insert and delete text
  • Reverse an edit operation
  • Find and replace text in a document
  • Move and copy a text block
  • Change the zoom level of a document
  • Apply attributes to text
  • Apply a new font and font size to text
  • Indent a paragraph
  • Reset line and paragraph spacing in a document
  • Reset paragraph alignment in a document
  • Reset the margins of a document
  • Set and clear tab stops in a document
  • Create a bulleted/numbered list
  • Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker
  • Use the Thesaurus and Translation dictionary
  • Define and insert an AutoText entry
  • Use a template to create a document
  • Insert symbols and special characters into a document
  • Preview and save a document as a Web page
  • A knowledge of personal computer fundamentals
  • Experience in working with the Microsoft Windows environment
Session Days: 2
Course Hours: 8
WWU Fee: $50.00
Non-WWU Fee: $100.00
# of Requests Received: 8
Minimum # of Requests Needed: 5
Maximum Course Size: 18
Delivery Method(s):
Classroom - Instructor Led Training
Ron Marks Ronald.Marks@wwu.edu
Dennis Dashiell Dennis.Dashiell@wwu.edu
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