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Course Name: Emotional Intelligence: Aligning Intention with Impact and Being Effective with People
Provided By: Human Resources Professional Development
Description: A Two Hour Training for Self Awareness, Professionalism and Modern Standards of Common Courtesy Immediate Effect This training has been designed to optimize and bring conscious awareness to the E.Q. skills that most people already possess. The curriculum has been developed in active presentation to hundreds of employees and a wide variety of employment settings. It is presented in a very accessible common sense format. Feedback from employees, management, HR and unions has been excellent. Employees leave ready to apply new insights and frequently report immediately using the material in their everyday work and home lives. Best of all, the information is so digestible, that folks remember it and are able to easily engage conversations about it years later. Super-Additive Effect of Presenting to Entire Employee Populations While the information is very valuable to individuals and small groups, there is clearly a “super-additive” effect when the training is offered to entire employee populations. This has the reinforcing effect of shared awareness, language and communication standards which then has the potential to shift the culture of an entire department or organization for the better.
Course Objectives: Agenda: • What is Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)? • The Emotional Bank Account at Work • Accountability in Intention & Impact in All Forms of Communication • Common Courtesies in the Workplace • The Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule • Understanding Different Workplace Personality Styles • The Ongoing Healthy Stages of Group Development & Conflict • Managing Up and Across (Managing your Manager and your Peers) • Discussion Throughout
Session Days: 1
Course Hours: 1.5
WWU Fee: $0.00
Non-WWU Fee: $0.00
# of Requests Received: 1
Minimum # of Requests Needed: 5
Maximum Course Size: 35
Delivery Method(s):
Classroom - Instructor Led Training
Vic Kiel vic.kiel@wwu.edu
David Weiss David.Weiss@wwu.edu
Dennis Dashiell Dennis.Dashiell@wwu.edu
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